Yes. But please note that:

  • changes in the ticket (date, route, etc.) are possible only in accordance with the fare rules applicable to this ticket, carrier’s rules and this website Terms of Service. Changes may be impossible for some tickets;
  • for changes, if applicable, an additional fee of the carrier and the agency service fee may be charged. For more details, please refer to the fare rules or contact the Customer Care Service.

To make changes in your booking, please:

  1. Log in to the website and enter “My account” – “My orders” – “Flight tickets” – “Booking #” – “Edit order” – “Change date/route”;
  2. Enter the desired dates and/or route;
  3. Leave a comment for our Customer Care Service if you wish to add additional information to your request;
  4. Click on “Send request.”

Your request will be processed within 72 hours. A reply to your request, as well as information on the conditions of changes (if applicable), will be included in comment to your request and emailed to you. The ticket will only be changed after your confirmation via “My Account” – “My orders” – “Flight tickets” – “Booking #” – “Edit order” – “Change date/route.”

During reservation, choose the age category of the child: 2–12 years.

Children’s flight tickets provide a separate seat and provide for a certain baggage allowance (which is usually lower than the one for the standard fare).

Please note that the free baggage allowance for the child’s ticket may vary. You may check the information on the airline’s site or by contacting our Customer Care Service.

During reservation, choose the age category of an infant: 0–2 years.

With one adult, it is allowed to book only one infant ticket (without an extra seat). Infants may travel only accompanied by adults. Please note that infants are not provided with a separate seat.

If you are flying with two or more infants, please check the booking details with the Customer Care Service or the airline.

If you would like to order a cabin crib for the baby, let our Customer Care Service know of it. We will contact the airline and let you know whether it is possible.

During reservation, please choose the age category of which the child is in order to by a ticket for child: 0–2 years or 2–12 years.

Most of the airline companies offer discounts for children’s flight tickets:

  • infants (0–2 years) — normally their discount is 90% of the standard tariff without the extra seat;
  • children (2–12 years) — normally, their discount is 25% of the standard tariff without the extra seat;
  • for minors over 12 years, the tickets are booked under standard fares.

During reservation, please make sure you entered the child’s age information accurately. The child’s age on the date of flight must correspond to the selected ticket category. Age of the infant or child must meet age categories (“infant”, “child”), defined by the airline at the date of completion of the trip (end of the flight on the last segment).

The children’s tickets must be booked at the same time as the adult’s ones. If a child is going to fly unaccompanied, please let our Customer Care Service know of it before booking the ticket. We will then inform you whether it is possible for the selected flight.

In addition, please check with the carrier the list of documents required for the child’s/infant’s flight.

You may transport animals in the aircraft cabin only after prior confirmation with the airline.

Please note that most airlines allow carriage of cats and dogs. You should check the requirement for carriage of other animals with our Customer Care Service or make an unpaid booking and send the request for the carriage of animals to with a detailed description of what animal you need to transport (species of animal, its weight and size of the cage)

Once we have received a reply from the airline, one of our Customer Care Service agents will contact you and inform you of the costs of transporting animals. If you accept the costs of transportation, you will need to pay for the booking and the fee for the animal carriage.

Please note! When you check in at the airport, you must submit all the documents for animals required by veterinary service of the country of destination or transit and/or the carrier. To define the list of documents, please contact the corresponding consulate and/or the carrier.

In the event you have a code-sharing* flight, usually, you pay the fees charged by the operating airline. For trips booked with multiple airlines, you might pay different baggage fees for your outbound and inbound flights.

*Code-sharing is an agreement between airlines on joint exploitation of flights and aircraft.

Please note that airline companies normally charge extra fees for sports equipment, such as golf bags, ski equipment, surfboards, bicycles, scuba equipment, etc.

Upon reservation, please check in your sports equipment so that the airline knows its volume. To do that, please contact our Customer Care Service and let them know the details of your sports equipment (volume in the Height x Depth x Width (HxDxW) format and weight in the XX kg format).

In most cases, carry-on baggage must not exceed 115 cm (the total of the height, width, and depth of the bag) and the weight 10 kg. If the dimensions or weight exceed the limit, you will have to pay the transportation of baggage separately. Please check the limits of your airline in advance, because they may vary for different airline companies.

For security reasons, the transportation of liquids in carry-on baggage is restricted.

Liquids, sprays, and gels in carry-on baggage must be shown separately from carry-on baggage at the screening checkpoint. Detailed information on allowed and prohibited items may usually be obtained on the website of the corresponding airport/airline.

Before your trip, please check the list of items prohibited from being transported on your airline company’s website.

Free baggage allowance depends on the destination of flight and the class of service. Free baggage allowance applies to all passengers, except children under 2 years of age, and in most cases is as follows:

  • 20 kg for economy class;
  • 30 kg for business class;
  • 40 kg for the first class.

In case you exceed the free baggage allowance the payment may apply. Please contact an airline company to find out the amount of the payment for the excess baggage.

Please note that some carriers do not include the free baggage carriage in the ticket price and you will have to pay extra fee for the baggage carriage. The terms and conditions of the hand luggage carriage are also regulated by each airline separately. Please check the fare rules of the airline, on the website during the booking placement.

Flights + Hotels

No. Transfer from the airport to the hotel and excursions can be ordered separately.

No. You can add an insurance policy to the order at the stage of booking additional services. On the page with additional services, check the box next to the insurance option. The cost of the policy will be added to the total price.

No. This service applies only to a round-trip ticket.

No. The Flight+Hotel service allows you to book flight tickets and hotel rooms only in one city.

In order to correct your personal data, please contact our Customer Care Service.

To make changes to the Flight+Hotel order, please contact our Customer Care Service. Our operators will advise you on all issues depending on the fare rules of the air carrier and hotel cancellation policy.

The refund of Flight+Hotel service is not made separately. Both flight tickets and hotel bookings are refundable. The fare rules of your booking apply when flight ticket refund. A hotel booking is canceled under the rules of a hotel. You may cancel the service Flight+Hotel in your personal account or by contacting our Customer Care Service.

You may pay for the Flight+Hotel service in any available method on the website.

Are transfer, visa and insurance are included in the cost of Flight+Hotel service? No, these services are not included in the cost of this service. You may buy insurance separately in the corresponding section on our website.

Please note! Before flight, you must check the respective visa requirements with the destination and transit countries’ consulates. The passenger is responsible for the availability, validity, and correctness of their travel documents.

In order to book a Flight+Hotel service:

1. Enter the points of departure and arrival, travel dates, the number of rooms and guests on the main page of the service. Click on the “Search” button.

2. Select a hotel and book a room on the results page.

Please note! The total price is shown for the hotel and the flight ticket at this stage of booking. Read the flight details below.

3. On the next page, confirm the offered hotel and flight combination or select another flight. If you choose another flight with another price, the total price will change automatically.

4. After selecting a flight, fill in the passenger details and click on the “Book ticket” button. On the next page, you may also order additional services if necessary: ​​travel insurance, SMS-informing, ticket refund guarantee, online check-in, and others. The price of selected additional services will be added to the total cost of Flight+Hotel. In order to go to the next page, click on the “Go to payment” button.

5. Enter your payment card details and pay for your order. All the documents necessary for your trip will be forwarded to your e-mail after payment: an itinerary receipt and a hotel voucher, as well as an insurance policy (if you have ordered this additional service).

The Flight+Hotel service was created for travelers who need to book both a flight ticket and a hotel. Thanks to this service, you no longer need to waste time searching for a flight and a hotel room separately.

The system automatically offers flight tickets and hotel accommodation on specified dates. You just need to choose the desired option.

You will not waste your time, and save up to 40% on booking. The website will offer you discounts, lower fares and special offers from airlines and hotels. Therefore, the purchase of Flight+Hotel package is cheaper than buying each service separately.


  • When booking tickets in the Flight+Hotel package, it is possible to add additional services to the order: insurance, SMS-informing, meals onboard, extra baggage and etc.
  • The hotel rooms will be available for the desired dates.

Read more information on how to book Flight+Hotel at the following link.

Other service benefits

  • The system filters allow finding options for every taste, budget, and duration of the trip. For example, you can search for flight tickets and stay for a couple of days in one of the European capitals or book a trip near the seaside for 14 days.
  • You can pay for the Flight+Hotel service online at any convenient time. All necessary documents for your travel will be forwarded to your e-mail after payment.
  • Our Customer Care Service is always ready to advise you and answer all questions at every stage – from searching options to checking in a hotel.


If you were not able to arrive at the hotel, please contact the Customer Care Service. We will contact the hotel immediately and try to reduce the no-show penalties.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to reduce the size of your penalty in all the cases since most hotels implement no-show policies, according to which you are charged for the full amount of your booking if you do not cancel your reservation and do not show up.

You may cancel your booking in the “My Account” section upon login.

In the tab “Hotels,” please select the corresponding booking and click on the button “Cancel Booking.” You will receive a cancellation letter which will contain the price of cancellation if it is provided by the hotel rules and other details.

Please note that cancellation is made according to the rules applicable to the booking.

Possible conditions of booking cancellation with prepayment:

  • Free cancellation — full amount paid for the booking is returned (if your card hasn’t been charged yet, you won’t receive a refund).
  • Cancellation penalties — the booking price is returned without penalty amount. The term of refund is 30 business days.
  • The price is not refunded — the hotel withholds the whole price of the room.

The cancellation rules may be found in Booking Confirmation, which is sent via email.

This information is mentioned in the room description and in the voucher. If breakfast is not included, contact the hotel to find out its cost.

Parking spot reservation is an additional service which may be paid for only in the hotel. You can find out whether it is possible to park a car on the hotel grounds by contacting the hotel.

The standard checkout time is 11:00–12:00. Some hotels may additionally charge for late checkout.

You may inform your hotel of your need to check out late in person.

Each hotel establishes its own check-in time; it is usually possible to check-in after 14:00.

If you need to check-in before the usual check-in hours, there are a few ways to request early check-in (depending on the hotel provider):

  • follow the link in your Booking Confirmation;
  • contact the hotel;
  • contact our Customer Care Service.

The possibility to make changes depends on the hotel provider. You may change your booking in the section “My account” or get more information by contacting our Customer Care Service. If you want to get more information, please contact our Customer Care Service.

Possibly, you have booked a room which is payable at the hotel, in which case your booking is indeed not paid. You will pay for your stay at the hotel during check-out. If you have already paid for your booking on our site, but the hotel employees insist that it hasn’t been paid yet, don’t worry. Our company collaborates with a range of hotels via intermediate agents, which is why funds arrive within different time intervals. Possibly, the funds have not arrived yet and will do very soon. Should the above-mentioned issues arise, you ought to contact the Customer Care Service.

Upon reservation, a confirmation letter with a hotel voucher attached will be sent at your email address. Print out the document and show it during check-in. The voucher will be available in the section “My Account” at your convenience.

The price of a room includes all major taxes. The actual amount of charges and taxes depends on the internal Rules of the Service Supplier and its location. The information on taxes and charges is included in a letter that is sent at Customer’s email address specified during reservation along with the e-voucher.

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